Protect Your Legal Status: How To Prepare For An ICE Raid


If you're in this country legally, you may feel that you're safe from immigration raids. Unfortunately, that's not necessarily the case. There have been instances where individuals with legal status have been detained by ICE agents. To make sure that you receive the protection you need during an immigration raid, familiarize yourself with the tips provided below.  Don't Travel Without Documentation If you're in the United States legally but you haven't received citizenship status yet, you need to be concerned about ICE raids.

13 February 2020

Tips to Keep In Mind When Trying to Immigrate to The United States


The United States is often billed as a land of opportunity for people from all walks of life. But if you are not an American citizen, you can't just walk right up to the border or jump on a plane and expect those opportunities to be handed right to you. Today, the United States has a strict immigration process in place, and you will have to comply with all policies and laws if you want to immigrate to the U.

11 February 2020

4 Ways To Protect Yourself When Divorcing An Abusive Spouse


People get divorced for all sorts of reasons. If you are leaving your spouse because he or she is abusive, then you are probably making a good decision that will allow you to move on with your life. Of course, you might still have your concerns. For example, you might be nervous about your personal safety while going through your divorce. These are a few things that you can do to help stay safe.

3 February 2020

What Can An Immigration Attorney Do For You?


If you are planning to come to the U.S. or wish to stay in the country, an immigration attorney can be an immense help in dealing with bureaucracy. You may be wondering, however, exactly what a lawyer can assist you with. Here are four of the most common tasks that immigration attorneys help their clients with. Applications, Renewals, and Changes Filing for a visa is one of the basic functions a lawyer in this field handles.

31 January 2020