Legally Obtaining U.S. And Germany Citizenship


Falling in love is something that often happens when least expected, and it can happen between two people who live in different countries. When two nationalities produce children together, they are basically tied to more than one country, which can be complicated when it comes to citizenship. For example, if a child is born in Germany but has one parent who is a citizen of the U.S., they can possibly obtain dual citizenship. However, claiming dual citizenship between the U.S. and Germany should be done in the right manner to avoid losing citizenship in one of the countries. This article explains the importance of hiring a lawyer to assist with the fight for dual U.S and German citizenship after being born to parents from both countries.

Is it Possible for Legal Citizenship to Be Lost?

Depending on the country you are a citizen of, it is possible to lose citizenship when trying to be a citizen of another country. For instance, in Germany, you could lose citizenship if fighting for dual citizenship isn't done the proper way. If you would like to keep your German citizenship while becoming a naturalized U.S. citizen, a special permit must be obtained from Germany. By law without the permit, you could automatically lose German citizenship upon becoming a U.S. citizen. A lawyer will assist with applying for the proper permit and other important tasks to ensure that you don't make a mistake and lose citizenship.

What if Dual Citizenship Is Denied?

If you have already been denied dual U.S. and German citizenship, help from a lawyer is important for reversing the decision. They can contest the decision and take the matter to court if there is a need for them to do so. Going to court will give a lawyer the chance to present solid evidence that proves you were wrongfully denied dual citizenship. For instance, they might present a copy of both of your parent's birth certificates showing that one of them was born in the U.S. and the other in Germany. Your lawyer will also recite the laws proving that you meet the qualifications for obtaining dual citizenship between the two countries.

How Much Does Citizenship Lawyers Cost?

Hiring a lawyer for a dual citizenship case can usually be done by paying a container fee. Basically, a container fee is an upfront amount of money that a lawyer uses for various things as they work on a case. For example, a portion of the money might be used for doing deep research. If the money runs out, more money can be requested from a lawyer's client.

To get help, contact a local German-U.S. dual citizenship lawyer.


29 June 2021

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