Arguments For Hiring An Immigration Lawyer To Pursue Citizenship


When you first came to this country, your ultimate goal may have been to become a legal U.S. citizen. However, as the years have passed, you also may have realized what a challenge it can be to gain citizenship. You may have been unprepared for all that was expected of you.

Instead of giving up on this goal or possibly even risking being deported, you can pursue it more competently by hiring an attorney to assist you. An experienced immigration lawyer can facilitate the process of becoming a legal citizen and help you avoid having to return to your home country.

Securing Identification Documents

One of your biggest impediments to pursuing citizenship may involve securing the paperwork that you need to prove your identity. The immigration authorities may need an official notarized copy of your birth certificate, for example. You also may need your marriage certificate, tax identification card or driver's license from your home country.

However, the bureaucratic process in your home country may not work as quickly as you would hope. It also may not be as ethical as you need, so you may have to offer bribes to have these documents sent. Your immigration lawyer, however, can use his or her legal authority to obtain them for you. He or she can make sure that you have official copies that American immigration authorities will accept from you.

Studying for and Passing the Citizenship Test

Your immigration lawyer can also assist you in finding resources that will help you study for the citizenship test. You must take and pass the test in order to gain citizenship. However, you may not want to study for it on your own.

Your lawyer can put you in contact with groups that help immigrants study for and pass the test. Your lawyer may also know where you can find English classes to take to understand better what is on the test and what the questions on it are asking you.

Finally, your immigration lawyer can help you prove that you have worked and lived consistently in the country for the last five years or longer. He or she can turn in documents like tax returns, your apartment or house lease or other paperwork to prove you have not left the country.

An immigration lawyer can assist you in pursuing citizenship. He or she can secure paperwork and help with passing citizenship tests. To learn more, contact a resource like Diaz Shafer P.A.


26 January 2021

Immigration and the Law

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