4 Ways To Protect Yourself When Divorcing An Abusive Spouse


People get divorced for all sorts of reasons. If you are leaving your spouse because he or she is abusive, then you are probably making a good decision that will allow you to move on with your life. Of course, you might still have your concerns. For example, you might be nervous about your personal safety while going through your divorce. These are a few things that you can do to help stay safe.

1. Focus on Home Security

First of all, you should make sure that your home is as safe and secure as possible. Doing little things like installing a new deadbolt, putting in security cameras, and installing a security system can all help provide peace of mind and protect you from your abusive spouse. Plus, these steps can help you increase your home's value and provide you with protection against other potential threats. Just make sure that you talk to your attorney before installing new locks on the marital home to ensure that you are within your rights to do so.

2. Get a Restraining Order

A restraining order is a court order that serves to help protect you from an abusive spouse. You can apply for a restraining order on your own, but this is something that you should consider getting help with. Your divorce attorney should be able to tell you more about restraining orders and should help with the process of applying for and getting one.

3. Document Everything

Make sure that you keep documentation of all of your communication with your spouse. If he or she shows up at your home, make sure that you document the time and date. Consider taking video footage, too. Save any phone calls, emails, social media messages, or other communications.

4. Don't Be Afraid to Call for Help

Do not try to handle this type of situation on your own. If you feel afraid at any point, such as if your spouse starts calling you or shows up at your home, then don't be afraid to call the local police department or other relevant authorities. Depending on the severity of the situation, doing so could save your life.

Getting a divorce is never really easy, and it can be particularly challenging when you are divorcing someone who is abusive. Protecting yourself during this difficult process should be your number one priority, but luckily, the tips above should help. Reach out to a family law attorney for more information about related matters.


3 February 2020

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